"All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation."

Thomas Leonard

Become a Confident English Speaker

When you speak English with ease, the world's your oyster!

English is truly an international language, and speaking fluent English will open many doors for you professionally and personally. 


I can help

Welcome! I'm Eliza, a kind and friendly native English speaker, here to help you speak English more confidently with English Conversation Lessons on Skype or WeChat.


TEFL-qualified, with degrees in English and Clinical Language Sciences (Speech & Language Therapy), I've experience teaching students from China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Morocco, and welcome students from any country. 


Lessons are fun, relaxed and tailor-made to reflect your personal circumstances, whether you're adapting to life in an English-speaking country, needing to focus on Business English to boost your career prospects, or studying English for pleasure. Whatever your reasons for wanting to become a fluent speaker of English, I can help.


Talking often together, you’ll become more confident and relaxed about speaking English in many different situations.  New vocabulary, grammar and idioms all arise spontaneously in our conversations, and as we explore them together in a relaxed way, your mastery of  English grows constantly.


My priority is ensuring you're able to communicate your message as easily and successfully as possible, and I use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and phonetic transcription to help with pronunciation and maximise your intelligibility.

All this is a tried and tested recipe for confident English speaking that can open many doors for you. 

Speak English confidently, and you can forge deep and lasting friendships with people all over the world.   


What could be more hopeful for world peace and understanding, and the future of our planet?

"The peoples of the earth are one family"

Ruth Fulton Benedict

Welcome to the exciting possibilities of global conversation.

Together, let's make this world a kinder, happier and more peaceful place for everyone!

Here's what some of my students say


It's good to meet you!

I'm a native British English teacher, tailoring lessons to your specific needs, and here to help you speak English more confidently and naturally. 


Come on in and I'll put the kettle on.

What would you like - tea or coffee?

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