I'm here to help!

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Hello there!  I'm Eliza - a kind and friendly native English speaker, here to help you speak English more confidently.  

Our lessons take place on Skype or WeChat, so we can meet in the comfort of your home, no matter how far apart in the world we are - which is a pretty magical possibility when you think about it!

Lessons focus on topics of interest and relevance to you, and are relaxed and light-hearted.   They tend to involve quite a lot of laughter - though sometimes we do touch upon deep matters of our shared humanity in a way that can be profoundly moving.  

It doesn't matter what your level as an English speaker is - I can help you. 

Please don't ever worry about making mistakes - mistakes are to be welcomed because each one's a valuable learning opportunity.

I can help you expand your vocabulary, fine-tune your grammar and develop your understanding of idioms. Talking often together, you'll become more confident and relaxed about speaking English in many different situations and you'll find you are becoming a more and more fluent speaker of English.  

Using the International Phonetic Alphabet and phonetic transcription, I can identify any specific issues with pronunciation and support you with carefully chosen exercises to help improve your intelligibility so your English sounds more natural and you communicate your message with increasing success. 

I've got a neutral - RP British English accent and a background in the NHS and Education.  


I'm TEFL-qualified and have a BA (Hons) Degree in English Literature, and a BSc (Hons) Degree in Clinical Language Sciences (Speech & Language Therapy).


I've been privileged to teach English to students from China, Japan, Spain, France, Morocco, Russia, Germany and Italy, and welcome students from any country.