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During our one-to-one English lessons, I listen to you and put heart-felt effort into understanding you as an individual - what's important to you, and what makes you tick. 


It's important to me that you feel relaxed, and I offer you a safe space to practice speaking English, where you can take things light-heartedly, have fun and make mistakes. Mistakes are welcome opportunities for huge leaps in learning - that's all! 


English speakers tend to use a lot of idioms. The more familiar you are with idioms, the easier it will be for you to understand what English speakers are saying to you. Whenever idioms arise in spontaneous conversation, we discuss them, so that your repertoire is constantly expanding and you become more and more confident about using them appropriately when speaking English.


I also help you to listen, and pick up subtleties of the English language which might otherwise be missed by a non-native speaker. I give you insights into British culture, traditions and history, even the British sense of humour, and if you speak English as an additional language, and you're working or studying in Britain, I do my best to share information that will help you gain maximum benefit from your time here - whether it's ideas of interesting places to visit, books to read, music to listen to or films you might enjoy.

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Individual Learning,

Tailored to Your Needs

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One-to-One Lessons

"Peace Begins With a Smile" - Mother Theresa

Occasional lessons don't have much of an impact, because you forget what you've learnt between lessons.

With frequent, regular one-to-one lessons, you get far more chance to practise speaking English, and your proficiency and confidence when speaking English will grow.


I support you to communicate your message as effectively as possible, focusing solely on what's most useful and helpful to you.


I take the trouble to get to know you as a person, and to understand what's important to you.  I'm interested to hear about your life experiences and your opinions, and I'm highly motivated to help you express your ideas effectively.


I care about the things that matter to you, and I'm keen to understand your perspective on life, believing that the more people from different countries get to know and understand one another, the better it will be for the future of the world.


Working together across cultures, we can learn from one another, identify solutions and help create a more peaceful world.  This is my sincere wish.


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