TEA is the national hot drink of the UK! While we do drink coffee too, tea is more common. It's so popular we have all sorts of ways of referring to it, such as a cup of 'char' or 'a brew' or 'the cup that cheers', or simply 'a cuppa'.


Unlike many countries we usually drink tea with milk, and sometimes sugar. While we don't have a wonderful ceremony around making tea, we're still pretty particular about how it should be made, and sometimes we argue about whether the tea or the milk should be poured into the cup first...

British tea uses roasted leaves, not green tea, and we make it by pouring boiling water onto tea leaves or a tea bag, rather than by boiling the tea in the water.

So What Brings You Here?

Want to boost your career prospects by speaking fluent English?  

Hoping to expand the reach of your business and network with English speakers worldwide?

Frustrated you can't get your message across effectively in English?

Want to integrate more easily with native English speakers for work and pleasure?

I can help.

We learn languages best by speaking them regularly, and I'm here to be your conversational partner as often as you need to become fluent, relaxed and confident in your English-speaking abilities.  

I can help you expand your vocabulary, fine-tune your grammar, use expressions and idioms that native English speakers use intuitively, and improve your pronunciation of English words so that you are more easily understood. 


I want to help you convey your message successfully to as many people as possible.  

If it's important to you to sound more like a native speaker I can help with that, too.

Speaking together regularly, in lessons responsive to your needs and interests, you'll find you're speaking English with more and more confidence and ease.​

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