Lessons with Eliza are great fun and of  great educational value. The most effective approach to learn English for me is to learn throughout a natural way of conversation. This is exactly what Eliza’s lessons offer for me: natural conversations with a variety of interesting topics in a relaxing atmosphere.


I can strongly recommend Eliza to all students who are looking for an experienced English tutor with an individual approach to tackle specific difficulties of learners, whether it is pronunciation, grammar or just a lack of confidence.




Eliza is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have ever known. We got along very well and her style of teaching was so engaging that I looked forward to every lesson.

She was a fantastic teacher who took her job incredibly seriously. Flexible and patient, she prepared tailored lessons focusing on my needs and boosted my confidence in pronunciation.

Eliza was extremely helpful with idioms and conversational English.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn English, be fluent and have a clear accent.

Thank you Eliza!




I’ve been learning to speak English online with Eliza for about a year and it’s a great pleasure.


Her accent is easy to follow and she is so patient and supportive – I feel very motivated to keep improving my English.


Before I started lessons, I was scared to speak out as I worried about making a mistake.  Sometimes I didn’t realise my pronunciation wasn't right.


Thanks to Eliza’s support and dedication, I'm enjoying the benefits of speaking English more confidently.  


Now my colleagues often ask me to interpret for them!



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